The Beatrice Rotary Club adopted the building of a beautiful and lasting memorial called Veterans Memorial Park. This park is dedicated to the military men and women of the United States who have served our Great Country. The Memorial Plaza has been created using five points of the star symbolizing the branches of the military: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. Each point of the star includes a flag pole to fly the flag representing each of the services. Ten "Walls of Honor" provide the backdrop for historical images, information, and a lasting tribute to those veterans who have served our country. The center of the Star Plaza provides the stage for the United States flag. It, along with the other five flags, include night lighting. Planting beds around the plaza contain low growing, low maintenance ornamental shrubs. In keeping with the design of the large star of Memorial Plaza, a series of smaller are available for opportunities to offer additional memorials and sculpture.


The cost of the park was approximately $500,000. The success of a venture of this magnitude required a significant level of participation by a large number of individuals, corporations, and foundations. 9/11 has changed our lives forever. We ask that you join us and come together, stand proud and build a lasting future.